Determining Employee Compensation

Employee compensation boils down to benefits in exchange for value delivered. Most employers think they know what they want from employees, and employees have certain benefits (namely, salary) they expect in return. So how is it, that the identification of value, agreement on measuring value, and process of rewarding value is so challenging? Why is there strife over employee compensation, to some degree, at nearly every organization?

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How to Fix Your Company's Hiring Problem

Hiring is among the most challenging aspects to running a company. If done correctly, it can propel growth and success that you never imagined, but if done poorly it can lead to festering infections in culture and process that will be nearly impossible to get rid of. Unfortunately, there is no single technique, or even selection of techniques, that will be a silver bullet. Furthermore, each technique will have aspects what will eliminate candidates who might have been great, while letting others through that are not. Engineers present a unique challenge due to to the above-average density of introverted candidates when compared to other types of positions, like sales or human resources.

It is important to understand and focus on your hiring process for what it is – the future of your company.

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How to Lead An Engineering Team

It doesn't matter if you are a tech lead for a small group of developers or a manager of a large team of engineers, there are a number of practices that will drastically improve the results you end up with. Naturally, this can't capture every aspect of good management, there are hundreds of books that do that in a more exhaustive way than I ever could, but I have personally seen each of these be the difference-maker with regard to how a team is able to execute.

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OpTech is Now Using HTTPS!

It is long overdue, but given the nature of the website (not asking for any of your personal information) I hadn't found the time to set it up. That said, OpTech now defaults to HTTPS ensuring you have a secure connection.

Please contact me, via Twitter or the Contact page, if you're seeing any issues or getting any HTTPS warnings from Chrome or another browser. Warnings like the one shown below are NOT expected.

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