Available For Consulting And Speaking Engagements

I am available for consulting and speaking engagements. I focus on how your operational mindset should grow and adapt with your company, and to help you leverage technology to simplify and improve your business operations. You can drastically improve the output of your engineers by making a few simple changes to how they are trained, treated, and mentored, and improve your hiring practices to make sure you're building the right team going forward. The operations of your company are the foundation upon which it is built – if they do not scale with your growth, you are asking for trouble. The worst thing you can do is assume you are doing everything right.

My Guarantee

I personally guarantee you will be satisfied with our discussion, or I won't charge you anything (beyond my travel expenses, if there are any). This satisfaction is predicated on a willingness to have your current practices and opinions challenged in a productive way, which is a prerequisite for a good leader.

Please contact me for booking or for additional information, we can even meet for coffee in the Denver area (at no charge) to determine if my perspective will be of value.