Seriously, Don't Do This: Web Design Edition

There are numerous things frequently found online that are inhumane, evil, wrong, and just plain annoying. Here are a few that come to mind. 

  • Gallery views of trivial lists of trivial things. I don't want to wait 8 seconds for a mediocre "revelation" to load 25 times. If you use a gallery, your content should be nothing short of revolutionary. 
  • Popovers where I can't see your page without clicking 'Close' first. See: Tab Closed; Didn't Read.
  • Multipage articles. Unless it is John Siracusa's epic saga outlining every detail of Mavericks, there is no reason the content should span more than one page.
  • Auto-play content. Partial redemption if it is muted by default, but not much. If your site auto-plays audio or video then you may as well just have your domain forward to your MySpace page. Make sure to leave your pager number on the Contact page.
  • Persistent prompts that ask you to take a survey, if you want to live chat, or anything similar. If I scrolled down and didn't click on your abomination, then there is a very good reason.
  • Mouse-over ads. Going to a website shouldn't be a tedious minefield while scrolling down hoping to avoid the double underlined words that popup ads when your mouse touches them. 

Any suggestions? I wouldn't be surprised if this became a regular segment.