Vote To Support Science, Technology, Truth, and Facts - #ImWithHer

There are a lot of things to consider in an election, and this isn't a political blog, so I'll spare you an extended piece on this... unique.... 2016 United States Presidential Election. That said, technology relies on science and facts bound in reality to exist, so therefore I have to defend the spread of science and facts.

Only one major party candidate believes that climate change is a real thing. Science and technology tell us with certainty that climate change is real.

Only one major party candidate believes that telling the truth (as much as any politician does) is important. 

Only one major party candidate believes in treating people of all walks of life fairly and humanely.

Only one major party candidate proposed or supports major constitutional violations, more than any presidential candidate in recent history.

Only one major party candidate is facing charges for committing sexual assault (with multiple witnesses) and is accused, again with substantiated claims, to have raped a 12 and a 13 year old. [Update: While the claim was "voluntarily" dropped on November 4, 2016, the history of the case explains why. Repeated death threats, being terrified of exposure, up against a billionaire (and soon POTUS) is an insurmountable set of circumstances.]

Hillary Clinton is not perfect. She has committed sins, the worst of which (in my humble opinion) were done while defending a man she loves and with questionable drone policies, but to convince yourself of a false equivalence between these two candidates is to abandon truth and facts.

To be clear, there is a defensible position for voting GOP because of taxes and financials, but doing so at the Presidential level this election would lead to a death of morality and science for this country that would almost surely* bring about a downward spiral worse than any 4 years worth of left-leaning policies. So instead of voting in a tyrant, focus on finding and promoting a more intelligent and truthful candidate that represents your values in 2020.

I'm not one for strong political stands, I see deep flaws with both parties, but this isn't a political stand. This is a human stand. As if Trump's policies, which (if they exist at all) are ill-informed, non-scientific, and closed-minded, weren't enough, he is a genuinely terrible person that has really helped to bring out the worst in a lot of people. That is not the type of person who should be running this country.

#ImWithHer and I hope you are too.

*I understand the irony of using such a subjective claim in a post promoting voting for science and truth. It is a challenge to completely ignore the immeasurable human element of this election, though. I admittedly have no sources to substantiate this particular sentence.